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A Social Innovator’s Guide to Riding Out the Global Transition

In Economic Patterns, Global Integration, Social Change on November 19, 2011 at 3:29 am

Are you a social innovator seeking to help in the global transition?  Would you like to thrive and survive during the most profound paradigm shift in human history?  Then you are going to need a strategy.  You are going to have to figure out how to live through the first half of the 21st Century.

What must you do to plan for the tremendous changes that increasing numbers of people are recognizing must take place during our lifetimes?  Simply put, we’re going to have to let the old global economy collapse around us while simultaneously building a new one that carries us on to global prosperity and peace.  This will be complicated by the converging challenges of planetary climate disruption, resource depletion, financial meltdowns, and diminished confidence in governing institutions. Continue reading “A Social Innovator’s Guide to Riding Out the Global Transition” »